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Sometimes I see a site, and I wonder if the owner is trying to make money. Well, I think they know that they do because they are all "correct" things that make money, but they are all bad things on the needs of our customers.

Development of web sites is hard work, but never really finished. There are always things you can do to improve the performance, the best customers, or who really want to go back to the client. And there are things that scare away customers get customers who are poor, and the results on this page. Here are some:

Too many ads

Business site with many ads on your site for a bit. Most sites that sell products or services that are better with few or no ads at all. Great ads and editorial content on the site are encouraged, not so much with the traditional web product or service. With the exception of this rule is the ad for the product they own. Call distribution, and marketing.

Broken links

Regularly check the links, for example, after a month. If you find broken links, internal and external, you must have resolved. If the user clicks on a link on your site should come to a valid page. It's easy if you have to specify the content. They are also external links to your site. When you see that the link is broken for you. If so, you will be asked to become or is a redirect to the correct page.

Confusing navigation

Keep the navigation consistent and pure. Ensure that the standards in use and easy for visitors to find what they want, without a lot of equipment for navigation to browse each link. Navigation should be segmented, and the right or the drop-down menu should be easy to fly, because many do not.

Blocked content

Do not block content on the back of the registry. You may feel it necessary to consider some of the data about your visitors, but you have to find far fewer visitors, if forced to obtain the information they want to participate. Write your content, you do not have to wait, and you can get more from the visitors back to this information.

Slow loading

Movies are almost obsolete, but still something that can cause your site to load slowly and should be done. Check each tag is lost, Javascript unnecessary follow-up and size your images correctly. This will help. There is also a good idea to have a reliable hosting, you can still believe that you are available and information about high-speed stable.

Search is not effective

If you are on the side, the participants can be found. If you have a search page, and not the results, and visitors on the assumption that you do not have what they want. Examine various combinations of words, typographical errors, solid, etc., and make sure their users search results that they need.

Long process of buying

Your shopping cart is short and simple. Each click on the screen before filled, and therefore they have the opportunity for visitors to buy and leave the area. Do not give this opportunity. Get all the information that on the one hand, only a few pages if it is absolutely necessary. And does not collect more information than you need.

Follow these simple instructions and you will see customer loyalty and higher return. On the other hand, if your new business for fun, do not bother to see how quickly you lose your business.
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