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When you write a business plan that describes the physical needs of business, business that physical location, facilities and equipment. Depending on the type of company you use, you can also provide information on inventory and suppliers, and production information.

Focus on the bottom line will help you with this part of the business plan for the realization of investment plans of large and needs to operate your business from day to day.

You only need two things to the reader in the operation of a business plan to show what your company has been in this country (and you know what to do again) and show that you understand the manufacturing or production for their products or services.

So that the proportion of the business plan in two parts, beginning with the development.

This section explains how your product or service, and problems that may occur in production.

Then, showing a knowledge of the regulations and industry standards for the industrialists and members of the organization and / or organizations that you tell and what steps have been made in legislation and regulations for the industry.

Explain that you are a dealer and the price and conditions. Explain what you have made other arrangements or if you are a seller left.

Explain the steps control the quality, or set akan established.

If you see this part of the plan to drive business plan, start with what happened "so far" to business operations, followed by a description of what remains. After this paragraph with the heading "risk" that the potential problems that could disrupt production, and what will you do to negate the risk. The remaining part of the development operation at the bottom of the members of Industry Associations "," supplier "and" Quality Control ".
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